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This is the SohoSoho blog. The Tumblr account is the international showreel directory and promotional tool for the advertising production community. SohoSoHo's intuitive interface and tool set enable you to create, tag and publish showreels, marketing your reels to thousands of industry professionals.


The Wall is a media and social marketing blog, put together by the publishers of Marketing and Brand Republic. It highlights subjects ranging from digital media, digital marketing trends and campaigns to innovative search ideas and social media. The Wall’s aim is to explain the impact of media change and technology for marketing and communication media companies and individuals.


Here is one of the best blogs for creative ideas and concepts ,and it has been keeping creatives intrigued since January 2008. “Creativity is not just a tool or a gift, it’s our ability to solve problems!” That’s what the founder of Creative Something says. Discover creative insights, inventions, reviews, gain motivation, ideas and do research!


The Ad Buzz is a blog for advertising, marketing campaigns, advertising news, social media, culture, advice and creative services. Every article or post has its own personality! You can post your own news, join the discussion board or comment on existing articles. Whatever interests you!


Adverbox is not just an advertising blog and a social network, it’s a chance for agencies to submit tips, creative campaigns and ads. Editors too can share their opinions. The archive is related soley to advertising and is 100% free. All brands and works are copyright protected. Become a member and join the daily visual boom!


Social Mediapolis’s goal is to build the world’s largest and most robust community of professional Social Media Marketers with the objective of sharing experiences, education and career advancement tools. It is a free community with a blog, resources, open-handed sharing and a video blog.


EContent is a leading authority on the businesses of digital publishing, media, and marketing. It covers the latest tools, strategies, and thought-leaders in the digital content ecosystem, keeping professionals ahead of the curve in order to maximize their investment in digital content strategies while building sustainable, profitable business models.


The Creative Ideas & Inspiration blog was started in 2008 by a creativity expert, author of The Creativity Challenge, web developer, entrepreneur, designer at Facebook, and part-time artist, to understand how the science of creative thinking works. The question at the core of the blog is “How can we better understand our creativity in order to do more with it?”


Creative Oniine is part of Advertising Age, the leading global source of news, intelligence and conversation for the marketing and media community. It offers ongoing coverage of strategic topics like CMO Strategy and data-driven marketing, complemented by breaking news on digital, social media and more.


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