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This is a strange but therapeutic video. Someone lives with a full-sized Puma, but it acts like a cuddly domestic cat. I expect you’d want to ensure it was well-fed. Quite extraordinary.
Trouble in New England, July 2019. This amazing storm headed right for the town of New England, North Dakota. Despite its ominous appearance, damage was minimal.
Stunning footage of Paris filmed more than 110 years ago has been painstakingly colourised for a celebratory documentary of the era of the “Belle Epoque”.
Huntley Film Archives is delighted to introduce Hanna Stein, a historian with a Masters degree in South-eastern European history and currently an assistant at the University of Graz. Hanna visited Huntley Archives last year and has written a guest blog which highlights the importance of amateur home movies in history.
GoPro are offering a share of $1,000,000 prize money for footage of exciting, amusing or thrilling adventures shot with the GoPro Hero8 camera.
StormStock is based in Dallas – Ft. Worth, Texas, the largest metropolitan area in the legendary Tornado Alley region of the US, this means the best tornados are near at hand!
Footage released today shows the first video of a boiling methane fountain in the Arctic Ocean. Methane is a powerful climate change gas and is being released from cold storage under the sea.
Lovely California can no longer be called “The Sunshine State” - perhaps a more apt title would be “The Wildfire State”, as flames ravage it again in footage from Bloomberg.
Industry News
BFI Musicals! The Greatest Show On Screen
The UK’s greatest ever season celebrating the film musical, BFI Musicals! The Greatest Show On Screen continues at venues across the country until the end of January 2020.
BFI partners with Luce – Cinecittà to mark Fellini's 100th birthday with major celebration
The BFI today announces a major year-long celebration to mark the centenary of one of cinema's most exuberantly playful filmmakers, Federico Fellini (1920–1993), in partnership with Luce – Cinecittà.
FOCAL International Members Day in November
FOCAL International are bringing together members and the wider industry to address some of the most pertinent themes shaping today's media archive world. Join us at FOCAL's first ever Members' Day - a day of lively workshops with big picture questions and practical solutions.
BFI Education Screenings Across UK with LFF
The London Film Festival will now be having free screenings for primary school students in London, Bristol, Leeds and Glasgow as part of the BFI LFF Education programme, showing DreamWorks Animation and Pearl Studio's co-production Abominable.
BFI Musicals! Programme Launch
The BFI is throwing a spectacular launch event for BFI Musicals! The Greatest Show On Screen, celebrating the joyful, emotional, shared experience of watching musicals on the big screen.
Canon EOS Rebel With 4K Video
The famed camera company have released a DSLR which now has the capability to created 4K video, which may well be useful for producers of stock footage as the requirements of libraries keep increasing.


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If you’re familiar with video production, then you might also know the headache of trying to find stock footage without the licence complications brought about by copyrighted material. There are quite a few stock video libraries out there for you to source your stock footage, but the majority of them have a limited catalogue and you will find yourself going back to the search engine time and again.

Here at Stock Footage Online, we aim to simplify your process of sourcing the best stock videos for your picture, documentary or promotional movies. We’re always adding to our large number of stock footage libraries so that we remain competitive. We are a stock footage search engine, where you can find everything you need on one site. A quick search for your keyword will return relevant results from a database consisting of hundreds of thousands of stock videos, and you can click straight through to buy your royalty-free licence in a matter of minutes.

When you need to find the best stock footage for your projects, you need Stock Footage Online.

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